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Slide & Gate Valve

Slide valves
Dizayn offers a range of slide valves suitable for application in the control of product flow for pneumatic systems. Slide valves can be used in heavy-duty applications and where a minimum installation height is desired. Slide valves are available in square, rectangular and round executions, dust and gas tight, suitable for pressure, gravity feed or vacuum systems.

Manually operated

Knife-gate slide valve

Pneumatically operated

Swing-type slide valve

Pneumatically operated

Slimslide 150 slide valve

Butterfly valves
Dizayn offers a complete range of rubber lined butterfly valves which meet the high standards required by the process industry. The butterfly valve housing is treated with an Epoxy coating or Nylon, which makes the valve surface particularly corrosion proof and wear resistant. Butterfly valves can be fitted with various actuators (lever, worm wheel drive, electric or pneumatic actuator). Specific material executions are available for all applications.
Dizayn also supplies a wide range of ball valves, non-return valves and pinch valves in a variety of executions and materials.