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Dispensing System

The primary aim of the ColorPointdispenser is to be intuitive to use, requiring little or no training for operators whilst ensuring all the savings you demand are still delivered.

Rexson have a long tradition of engineering dispensing systems for a wide variety of products andindustries.
Rexson have been designing and manufacturing automated ink dispensing systems since the mid 1980s. Our success quickly moved us ontopaint and coating dispensing systems and a wide variety of other formulation and batch blending applications.
Rexson manufacture automated fluid dispensing systems for use in ATEX or Class1 Division1 hazardous environments as well as standardsafe areacolor kitchens.

Although ourautomatic dispensers are widely used in the ink, paint and coatings industry, Rexson have also supplied dispensing equipment to industries as diverse as cosmetics, food, oils, pharmaceuticals and speciality chemicals.Materials canbe liquid, gels or paste, hazardous, caustic, flammable or have thixotropic rheology.


Liquid Ink Dispensing

Rexson ink dispensers are often used in an ink companies plant toproduce bulk batches or to quickly & efficiently makesmaller ink blendsto shipdirectlyto smaller convertors, printers & specialist customers.

A Rexson ink dispensing system (IDS) is a widely used solutionfora convertorsink store. The dispenser will make the exact quantity and shade of blended ink, at just the right time,for every print job.The return on investmentis very quick as the systemrecycles press returns,reduces inkspendandcuts press downtime.

Rexson CheckWeigh ink mixing system is our manual formula weighingsolutionfor customers who do not need or cannot justify a fully automated ink dispensing system.

Where an automated dispenser is not practical (i.e. small sheetfed ink acccount or sample mixes in a laboratory) but the formula storage and controls, reporting and cost savings are needed then the CheckWeigh provides a disciplined, efficient and quality solution.

The CheckWeigh system comprises a computer linked to an electronic weighscale to carry out manual dispensing and blending of color formulations.
CheckWeigh includes the full suite of Rexson Impress management and reporting software normally supplied with a Rexsonautomatic dispensing system. Rexson Impress prompts the operator to select the correct materials to obtain the final colour and formulation as well as tracking costs against the appropriate batch or job number.


  • Food container, film& flexible packaging
  • Corrugated boxes & cartons
  • Paper, labels or envelopes
  • Towels & tissues
  • Multi walled & retail plastic bags
  • screen print POS displays
  • Water basedpaint &ink dispensing
  • UV or EB curable ink dispensing
  • Solvent basedpaint &ink dispensing
  • High viscosityoffset paste ink dispensing
  • Adhesive andraw material dispensing
  • Liquid colorant & pigment paste dispensing
  • Gelcoats, resinsand chemical dispensing
  • Injection mouldingcolorant suppliers
  • Leathertanners and suppliers
  • Automotive part manufacturers
  • Beverage manufacturers
  • Cosmetic manufacturers
  • Fibreglass Gelcoatmanufacturers
  • Flooring manufacturers
  • Acrylic sheet producers
  • Office stationary manufacturers

ColorWeigh™refersto our moving head range of paint dispensing systems - whereby the dosing valves are mounted on a mechanism that moves along a single axis to position the appropriate valve above the dispensing vessel.
Primary advantages of this technology is the ability for the dispenser to dose many ingredients to a very high accuracy, at high speed, across a range of dispense volumes.

Automatic Powder Dispensing System
Often manufacturers have a need to dispense as many as hundreds of (infrequently used) powders and liquids, but this low usage may never justify a full-size dispenser. The Color weigh Powder Dispenser consists of a moving bed onto which 6 canisters can be latched: these canisters can either be for liquids or powders. Before starting a batch the operator loads the appropriate canisters - as these are identified by unique codes, the system will perform a check thus eliminating human error.

Dispensing in the Laboratory
A typical application for the Rexson Lab Dispenser would be in an ink or paint manufacturer's busy laboratory, where quick, cost effective and accurate formula origination and approval is needed. The dispenser would typically be linked to larger factory dispensers allowing immediate transfer of approved formulation production.

Storage Systems and Tank Farms
Taylored made solutions for customers.


Bulk batches are dispensed using two integrated floor scales, both mounted on a scissor lift assembly within the floor.
The colorants are dispensed using the 600kg x 2gram capacity scale. The vessel is then automatically switched onto the 1500kg scale for the addition of bulk pastes.
Material viscosities range from 50 poise up to 400 poise.


Rexson have developed an integrated hazardous area label printer for its range of solvent based ink and coatings dispensing systems. This breakthrough, which is unique to Rexson, provides a much needed solution to a real customer issue - quickly and easily locating and identifying buckets and kits of 'press returned' ink for re-use or 'working off' into new colors!

The benefits of ink dispensing systems have revolutionized the printing industry. Instead of an ink manufacturer dispensing the right color before dispatch, printers themselves can now blend any color they need in minutes, on-site. Printers can also re-cycle and work-off old press return inks from finished print runs to eliminate waste.

Gravimetric dispensing technology has been used in the production of printing and packaging inks for some time. Ink manufacturing companies not only equip their own facilities with production systems, but also install smaller ‘in-plant’ systems in the works of their customers. Rexson supply a broad range of ink dispensers for water based and solvent based inks in many different ink technology areas and also growing technologies such as UV & EB flexo and screen inks. These systems have also been configured to dispense solvents and UV Coatings, high viscosity concentrates, raw materials and paste inks.


Dispensing (often referred to as blending, dosing or tinting) is divided into two main technologies – volumetric or gravimetric. Formulations or Recipes contain ingredients that are dispensed into a target dispense vessel from storage containers in the required quantities. These quantities are either measured volumetrically or gravimetrically:

Volumetricdispensers dose a volume of product, usually by priming a chamber and discharging like a bicycle pump or syringe. This method delivers anassumedquantity of product into the dispense vessel.
Gravimetricdispensers weigh thepreciseamount of each ingredient using precision dispense valves above a highly accurate weighing platform, thus adding aknownquantity into the dispense vessel.
Therefore Gravimetric dispensing is commonly regarded as the most reliable, accurate, flexible and robust method to produce high quality product batches.


    Reason’s modern weigh scales can resolve to 1 in 3,000,000 of their maximum load. This gives a precision order of magnitude greater than achieved by volumetric dispensing, which is often around 1% of the amount dosed.
    The Gravimetric process records the actual amount dispensed, which will be within a tolerance band defined by the user. This gives data for use in future quality audit processes (an ISO audit trail or batch tracking) and gives self-checking to indicate correct performance.
    With volumetric systems, only the target dose can be recorded – there is no feedback loop. No record of actual doses into a batch can be created or made available.
    As volumetric systems rely on the material occupying a volume, any gas or material density variation will affect accuracy. Changes in viscosity due to variants such as temperature may affect filling properties and thus completeness of priming. This results in inherent inaccuracies and a need for re-calibration procedures.
    As gravimetric dispensers weigh the dose of individual components as they are dispensed, they are invulnerable to such changes.
    For Gravimetric dispensers, a yearly calibration of the weigh scale are all that is needed to guarantee the continued accuracy of the system.
    Volumetric systems need to account for material properties and performance settings, and need to be calibrated regularly to maintain their precision – without regular calibration, inaccuracy can drift to several percent of amount dosed.
    By using 2 or more scales, Gravimetric systems can dose to a given accuracy – 0.1% of amount dosed, for example – over a huge range of dose volumes (from 0.1 liter to over 20,000 liters). By design, volumetric systems tend to have narrow ranges of volumes dosed to the stated performance.