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Pneumatic Transfer

In this area there are many different system possibilities. We can offer you an excellent solution for dilute phase (low medium pressures in either vacuum or pressure executions) and dense phase (high pressure conveying).
All conveying systems can be supplied in “close loop” executions
The our range includes high quality pneumatic components like rotary valves, diverter valves, pressure vessels, blowers and material handling funs up to complete pneumatic conveying installations for various conveying capacities and distances.

Low / medium pressure conveying systems (Dilute Phase)
Dilute phase pneumatic conveying installations are suitable for most bulk powders and granulates.

High pressure conveying systems (Dense Phase)
Dense phase pneumatic conveying systems for various conveying capacities and distances.

Vacuum conveying systems
Vacuum conveying systems for various capacities over limited distances. Ideally suited for the conveying of powders and granulates with the following specific characteristics: