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Storage and Discharge System

Silo, Tanks & Hoppers

Our engineering department can offer you a complete solution for any kind of storage for liquids and solids. Expertise in the application of equipment and a close coöperation with a selected group of high quality silo and tank manufacturers will provide you with the quarantee of reliability and high performance.
Several material executions are possible like steel, stainless steel, Carbon steel, aluminium, glass fibre, reinforced polyester etc

Silo level control equipment

In order to maintain a reliable control over silo and tank content level.

Silo discharge equipment

Silo discharge equipment is used with products that have such bad flowing characteristics that gravity alone is not sufficient to make them flow from the silo, tank or hopper.

Aeration equipment

Flo Pads

for use with variable pressures up to 80 PSI,

Fluidisation cone

aerates and vibrates at the same time,

Scarifying strip aerators

for large vessel diameter and height,

Stainless steel Air Pads

resist heat, moisture and contamination,

Mechanical discharge equipment

Bin Activator

Suitable for discharging or dosing non-fluidisable micron sized particles and other difficult to handle materials.

Silo weighing systems

Dizayn supplies several weighing modules.