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Robot 101

EUROIMPIANTI SRL, with itsSKILLEDbranding has grown to make a name for itself amongst the producers of "End Line Automation Systems".

The SKILLED ant 101: a very simple palletizing robot that requires no installation, has a modular construction and can be adapted to any pre-existing product conveyor and packaging line. Its very reasonable price and high productivity are two further reasons for choosing the SKILLED Ant 101.

Technical Specification

  • Structure: Cartesian
  • Motors: Brushless
  • Weight capacity: Max 30 kg
  • Operating speed: 10 cycles/min
  • Noise level: Below 70 db
  • Environment: + 5 C, 40 C
  • Protection rating: IP 54
  • Pressure: Minimum 0,6 Mpa
  • Installed power: 8 kW
  • Power supply: 400 V 50 Hz

Depending on requirements, the SKILLED ant 101 can be supplied on following models:
- single palet station;
- double palet station;
- double barrier to allow vehicle access without stopping the robot;
- automatic palet magazine;
- slip sheet magazine (the slip sheet gripper is incorporated into the robot gripper);
- conveyor for pallets;