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Robot 504

The SKILLED 504 is an electromechanical robot with articulated cinematic structure tybe SCARA with 4 interpolated axes, and a working area of 360 degree.

Technical Features:

  • Structure Scara
  • Freedom degree: 4 axes
  • Max axes speed: A=150degree(base rotation) B=1,2 m/sec (vertical)C=100 degree/sec (arm rotation) D=200 degree/sec (wrist rotation)
  • Motors: Brushless
  • Reduction gears: Zero backlash crown wheels
  • Arm payload: Max 120 kgs (264 lb) including pick-up tool
  • Weight capacity: Max 100 kgs (220 lb)
  • Repeatability +-0,5
  • Cycles/hour: Max 800
  • Static robot load: 900 kgs (1984 lb)
  • Dynamic robot load: 3750 kgs (8267 l
  • Noise level; Less than 70 dB
  • Environment: + 5 degree C / 40 degree C
  • Protection degree: IP 54
  • Pressure: Min 0,6 Mpa

Software and Control:

INDUSTRIAL COMPUTER with TFT screen allows to perform the following operations:

  • Starting the robot;
  • Manual controls;
  • Input/Output test;
  • Visualization of alarms and eventes;
  • Select palletizing program;
  • To program the layout and setup the robot;
  • To create the pallet patterns in selfprogramming mode;
  • To automatically generate palletising patterns according to the features of the gripper
  • To create a library of illimitated number of palletizing programs;
  • To display both graphic synoptics of system and working pallet;
  • To carry out a tailored statistics of production data with local printer (optional)
  • Service support via modem (optional);
  • Intercafe TCP/IP (optional);

Main Electric Specifications:

Robot’s power consumption: 12 Kw
Power requirements: 220 +- 15% three-phase 50/60Hz
Auxillary voltage: 24 V DC
In/Out PLC voltage: 24 V DC
Safety doors:Photoelectric safety barriers according to CE regulaions
Drives: Brushless connected in CAN OPEN to the computing unit