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Loading Chutes

When loading bulk products into trucks, ships or stock pilling, there is often a heavy generation of dust. This dust generation is a hazard to personnel as well as the environment. Furthermore it entials a considerable loss of product and extra costs for cleaning and maintenance.

The Main Features:

  • Unique modular construction
  • With or without built in fitler

  • Extensive product range
  • Short time of delivery
  • Easy maintenance
  • Capacities from 0 to 3000 m³/h.

By using loading bellows the dust hazard of bulk loading is reduced efficiently. Loading systems consisting of telescopic tubes, bellow feeders, filter bellows, and different special solutions. It handles a large range of products from cement, lime, fly ash, plastic granules, coal up to grain, flour, sugar etc.

Moduflex bellow feeders offer a solution for any loading task like ship, train, tanker or truck loading.

Inlet Modules

C-S Type

C and S type inlet modules are standart types.

H Type

H type inlet modules are used heavy work module.

T Type

This type manufactured with connection clamp for change units, easy ınstallation and maintenance.

Integrated Filters

F Type

Moduflex F type inlet module is complete solution.

D Type

D type inlet module is same like F type inlet module.

Outlet Types

Fix and telescobic outlet types used according to field activities.