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Construction Chemicals

In the field of Construction Chemicals, dry mix production facilities;
- design,
- consulting,
- automation and electrification,
- installation-commissioning and
- the installation of a turnkey facility,
according to the customer's specific manufacturing requirements in order to operate most efficiently in a business is being served. Dry Mixing facilities , will be appropriate to separate according to their capacities;

  • 1-15 tons / hour capacity facilities,

These Plants are the horizontal condition, (raw material stock-weighing-mixing-packaging) process by placing in the machinery and equipment is provided.
- Low height of machine equipment, (coupled with a ready to ease into the building).
- Automatic (PLC-SCADA) and / or ease of manual insertion of chemical feed system.
- All equipment is simplified, easy to control,

  • 1-25 tons/hour capacity facilities ;

These facilities are the horizontal condition, (raw material stock-weighing-mixing-packaging) process provided in the machinery and equipment, such as placement, vertical style, the projected commissioning is possible in terms of operational efficiency.

  • 25-100 tons / hour or higher-capacity facilities,

These facilities, capacity and was designed to use vertically due to the variety of raw materials, compact way, the capacity arttırılabilecek, plant where. floor coverings are designed for a minimum of production space vertically. automation processes can be followed by all.

The Advantages of horizontal placement;.
Mechanical equipment height, ready to coupled into a suitable building. Automatic (PLC-SCADA) and / or ease of manual insertion of chemical feed system. All of the equipment simplified automatic (PLC-SCADA) and / or ease of manual operation;

The Advantages of vertical placement,
. Production for the minimum space utilization. -Fast adaptation to changes in product-prescription changes. A wide variety of raw materials, kept in minimum space. Full automation and technological equipment to allow the use of low operating costs per kg.. Construction and warehouse areas, efficient, appropriate use of the purpose of ensuring

Dry Mixture Construction Chemicals products are usually the most cost-effective, cylindrical, so-called single-shaft, batch mixers.
Operating costs are lower, but the high costs of purchasing the twin-shaft mixers are used. In particular sensitivity of the mixture can be used safely in products expected to be perfect.
Mixer type and size of plant capacity to the determination by the prescriptions for the selection of raw material / chemical is necessary to know the quantity and diversity. Batch system, to provide a mixture of the same quality of each batch produced, first the right and continuous (repeated) WEIGHING requires. For this sensitivity, the proper equipment and proper use of raw materials and the project is made possible by the selection of automation components. The right to give the same result in the product specifications WEIGHING and provide a homogeneous mixture should MIXER. Commitment to the customer reaches the product without losing the properties of the smaller units suitable for use PACKAGING (FILLING) Machines are needed. According to the characteristics of these products requires the selection again.

Investors to acquire the facility in compliance with all of this in the efficient operation of machinery and equipment, a good selection of design-to-machine with the correct installation and commissioning of a healthy and safe working conditions of employees to ensure the efficient operation of an order must be established.