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Big-Bag Filling and Unloading System

The transport and delivery of raw bulk materials is more often being done by means of F.I.B.C.'s, (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container) commonly know as Big-Bags. In order to fully benefit from the advantages that Big-Bags have to offer it requires well-designed systems that effectively fill and empty these Big-Bags.

Big-Bag Filling and Unloading Station

Big-Bag Discharge Systems

Big-Bag discharging systems are specifically designed for discharging a large variety of products from different types of FIBC's, or Big Bags. They eliminate dust emissions, product loss or product contamination.
This range encompasses the discharge of single or multi-trip bags, with or without plastic liner. Also a number of unique systems have been developed for the safe and hygienic discharge of food ingredients, pharmaceutical products and toxic materials.

Big-Bag Filling and Weighing Systems

These systems have more efficient filling and high accuracy weighing capabilities systems.

Big-Bag filling systems can be supplied to handle sacks ranging from 500 to 2000 kg.
Depending on the type of bag handled, filling capacities from 5 to 70 tonnes per hour can be achieved.
Bag filling systems can be supplied with automatic filled bag removal by conveyor.