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Turbo Disperser

Turbo Mixer and High Speed Disperser

The Turbo mixer is specifically designed for the efficient mixing, homogenising and volume dispersing of powders in liquid media, particularly where effective solids wetting and fine dispersion are required at comparatively low energy input levels.
The Turbo mixer can handle viscous liquids up to 25.000 cp. at a solid content up to ± 80%. Examples of their application are in the manufacture of paint and lacquers, polymers, printing inks, adhesives, resins, coatings and other viscous products
It is suitable for full vacuum and pressures up to 6 bar.

Every turbo mixer can be accommodated with a closed loop option to allow powder to be drawn into the mixer below liquid surface level. In this case wetting out and dispersion is achieved in minimal time.

Capacities from 500 up to 10.000 litres.