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Laboratory DISPERMIX VF units have been designed with the latest technology involving dispersion, mixing and dilution of solids into liquids. A virtually silent, motor frequency-converter assembly maintains the selected speed independently of the effects of changes in viscosity of the product thus ensuring an optimum dispersion process.

Of universal application, the unit can be used for the preparation of samples, for grinding small quantities and for vacuum processes depending on which accessories are utilised.
Machines for small batches ranging from 0.5 to 15 litres.


High-speed Mixer-Dispersers with speed variation by means of a frequency converter, designed for use with portable vessels.
For batches from 100 to 6000 litres.
Wide range of powers from 7 to 110 kW.
Units offering a wide potential for the dispersion, mixing and homogenization of powders into liquids together with an ease-of-operation which is practically maintenance free.

Mixers-Dispersers with speed variation by means of a frequency converter and designed for use with floor or platform mounted, static vessels.
For processing batches ranging from 300 to 8,500 litres. Wide range of powers with motors from 18 to 200 Kw.


Highly versatile units designed for mixing low and medium viscosity products in portable vessels.
Robust, wall or frame mounted machines allowing the mixing shaft to move smoothly and safely. The process disc can operate at any working height thanks to a simple, lock-proof manual operation.
For batches from 100 to 550 litres.
Wide range of powers with motors from 4 to 11 kW.
All models supplied with a push-button panel and electrical control cabinet.
Fixed speed, or variable-speed by means of a frequency converter.

High and/or low speed range of mixers for use with portable vessels. Designed for the processing of high viscosity products that require a high energy input to achieve homogeneity, frequently under vacuum. For this purpose the units are powered by a variable-speed hydraulic transmission.
Two basic configurations are available: the H series, with a mixing shaft fitted with a butterfly-type tri-foil and the HD series with a mixing shaft fitted with butterfly-type tri-foil plus a dispersing shaft with a saw-tooth type disc. For processing batches from 300 to 1500 litres.
Wide range of powers with motors from 30 to 110 kW.

The planetary mixers HIDROBAT provide unlimited application possibilities for the processing of totally homogeneous mixtures of medium and high viscosity paste products.
Due to the wide range of processes, the HIDROBAT units are made in an ample range of models with either hydraulic or mechanical transmission and providing speed variation by means of a frequency converter and complementary pieces of equipment.
To process batches from 6 to 1.125 litres and viscosities of up to 3.000.000 cp.
MPV range with planetary blades.
MPVDV range with planetary blades and centrally located disperser.

Mixers and Disperser with one, two or three shafts, for products of medium and high viscosity.
Designed to process product with viscosities of up to 50,000 cP, densities of up to 1.8 kg/m³, and batches from 2,000 to 15,000 litres.
Devised as polyvalent units, the POLIMIX mixer-dispersers have in common a saw-tooth mixer/disperser, complemented with a second, anchor type mixer and optionally, a third shaft with cross-shaped impellors, to suit the nature of the product to be processed.

The vessel is of cylindrical design with conical lower end in all cases. The upper end is of the dished type to provide the required seal for pressure discharge operations, inert gas blanketing or alternatively for vacuum deaeration.

Mixers – Disperser of coaxial shafts, for manufacture of high concentrated products in a very short time as per others technologies.
Cylindrical-vertical design. Batches from 2.000 to 8.000 litres.
Mixing/Dispersing fast shaft very powerful, complemented with a second anchor type mixer with wall and bottom scrapers.
Suitable for installation on automatic installations of high output.


Dilution units for manufacturing lacquers, varnishes and adhesives. Mixing groups fitted with different blade designs, speeds and motor powers depending on the product to be manufactured.
For processing batches from 800 to 6000 litres.
Wide range of powers available with motors from 7 to 30 kW.


Recommended equipment for processes such as mixing, addition of liquids, colour adjustment and product finishing with no solids incorporation.
For processing products of up to 6000 cp and densities of up to 1.6 kg/dm³.
For batches from 1000 to 20000 litres.
Wide range of powers available with motors from 5 to 30 kW.