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Dizayn Engineering can provide complete engineering services for the design, supply, installation and commissioning of fully automated process plants to a variety of industries with own expertise and represented companies working areas.
Dizayn Engineering and/or represented companies by design, pioneer in the field of chemical, paints, ink, food, plastic, cement, diary, textile, cosmetics, beverage, soft drinks, petrochemical, etc. industries. By applying sophisticated systems, purpose built solutions and if necessary custom-made design they have successfully completed a number of important projects in these industries.
However, Dizayn Engineering also cooperates with the leading companies which are specialists in the turn-key projects in the chemical, paint, ink, food, plastic, cement, dairy, pharmaceutical, confectionary, textile, cosmetics, soft drink, beverage, petrochemical and all other industries.
It is our business to look for a solution to your process problems.