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Pigging Valve

Fields of applications:

BogenventilLIAG® pigging valves ensure a high degree of hygiene. They build upon the same design principle as LIAG® arc valves. By virtue of this principle no products remain in the valves during operation. The prime use of LIAG® pigging valves is with sterile pigging systems as they can be disassembled easily and quickly even when welded in place, and additionally, offer high CIP capability.

With LIAG® pigging valves, threaded connections, which can present potential hazards, are virtually no longer needed. Further features of these models are their comparatively small assembly dimensions and their ease of conversion.


  • No dead pockets
  • CIP/SIP capability (EHEDG certified)
  • Totally clear passage - no pressure loss
  • No product remainders or sticking of solid particles
  • Designed to be passed with LIAG®siilicone lip pigs
  • Compact design for 90° installation
  • Minimum number of components and wearing parts
  • Can be completely dismantled even when welded in place
  • Optionally with 3-A approval / FDA

Operating positions

2-way pigging valve


3-way pigging valve