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Silo Unloading System

Morillon is specialized in engineering and manufacturing mechanical industrial unloaders for various products such as :

crushed wood, cellulose, soya meal, plastic wastes, glass products, coal, fly ash, petroleum coke, wood powder, phosphate balls, rape seed meal, crushed tyres, glass wool, plastic recycling, bauxite and so on.


Three different types are available:

SPIROGYRE «S»:Basic type where the motor is placed over the pivot, inside the silo.

SPIROGYRE «SCD»:The motor is placed under the silo in a trench, which gives more space for the material when high flowing capacities are required.

HYDRASCREW:For the most difficult situations, the SPIROGYREis driven by hydraulic transmission. This technology results from our experience with the hydraulic discharge systems for difficult to flow materials, with our patented «HYDRASCREW».

TheHYDRASCREWis designed to bottom unload circular silos by means of a rotating screw revolving 360 deg. around a central pivot point in the silo base through which the product is discharged into a collecting conveyor or in the case of bulk out loading direct to an IBC or bulk vehicle.

Available in ten models to suit silos from 2.00 m diameter up to 20.00 m diameter with fixed (or variable) discharge rates from 1 to 500 cu/m an hour theHYDRASCREWis capable of discharging a variety of diverse raw materials such as coal, sludge, woodchips, oilseed meal, chemicals, plastic chips, limestone, fly ash, animal and human foodstuffs.

TheHYDRASCREWwas originally designed as a mean of discharging non free flowing materials from large volume circular flat bottomed silos, numerous other applications have since been found for the unit, such as, among others, dosing or feeding units capacity..


Feed milling industry:
Product: Soya, meat meal, maize, seeds, raw materials, rape seed, beet pulp, soya meal, bran, cereals, wet corn, poultry meal, corn, rape seed meals, tapioca, beans, gluten, carobs.

Wood industry:
Product: sawdust, barks, bio mass, wood chips, wood dust, linseed shells, shredded barks.

Cement factories:
Product: impregnated sawdust, cement, plastic wastes, shredded rubber, dried sludge.

Environment field:
Product: fly ash, sludges, wastes treatment, limestone.

Flour mills:
Product: bran, wheat flour, middlings, cereal dusts, semolina, bran pellets, cereal dusts.

Oil plants:
Product: Soya, sunflower and rape seed meals, soya hulls, safflower, soya meal, seeds.

Diverse industries:
Product: clay, plastic pellets, coal, gypsum, liquid or dehydrated manure, glass wool, sand, salt, flue gas treatment residues, calcium carbonate, coal, cloves, ice chips.