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Vertical Mixer

Vertical mixer / homogenisor type
Suitable for the mixing and homogenising of free-flowing products with different particle sizes and bulk densities.
The design of the VRM mixer is based on the principle of creating multiple mass flows within the mixing vessel. The products to be mixed are first conveyed upward by a screw mounted in a central mixing tube. The tube is fitted with one or more mixing heads. At each mixing head and at the top of the mixing tube the product is partially discharged into the descending product flow. This system, in combination with the angle of the mixing head and vessel cone, creates separate mixing zones resulting in a highly efficient mixer.
Capacities from 500 up to 100.000 litres.

Vertical conical screw mixer
The conical mixer is suitable for the mixing and drying of more difficult to handle granulated, powdered and viscous products. The conical mixer can be supplied in any required material.
Capacities from 100 up to 5.000 litres.